About us

A New Paradigm in Sailing.

KWINDOO develops and implements innovative solutions for the digital world we live in.
The focus is placed on changing customer needs for mobility, providing an exciting user experience, comprehensive metrics,
informative analytics, and increased safety via state of the art mobile and web technology.

The KWINDOO platform is an entirely new experience in presenting a sailing regatta.

Visualisation is key for all;

KWINDOO is dedicated to providing our services to race organizers,- administrators, and regatta racers.
Furthermore, KWINDOO offers new, innovative way of reach-out and brand building for advertisers and sponsors.
KWINDOO users will get an unprecedented exposure and access to the global world via integration and connectivity.

KWINDOO is a cross-platform system website with mobile app integration for iOS and Android devices.

Dedicated KWINDOO mobile apps for the racer, the viewer, and the organizer.


  • - Follow and understand a regatta without getting bored
  • - Analyze metrics, understand efforts and improve performance with easy, yet deep insights
  • - Reach a scalable, targeted, real audience

Setting up and the use is a breeze.


Your ultimate sailing infotainment service