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Find it an issue to get sponsorship for your regatta?

A common drawback of sailing races that they are not visible to the general public; the main reason brands tend to neglect them.

Another difficulty is that setting up tracking and broadcast are often burdensome and expensive. Tracking relies on external hardware hard to handle without technical support. On larger races, it can get even time consuming and on the other hand limited by the number of available devices.

KWINDOO is your solution. Easy to set up, cheap to use and offers added value never experienced before.

Why is KWINDOO a great tool for sponsors?

KWINDOO offers several new channels to reach out to both, the competitors and the public.

Racers will use KWINDOO Tracking smartphone application to initiate their GPS tracking. Doing this provides for an extra, valuable channel of reach for the sponsors to their desired audience. The dedicated KWINDOO LiveView application is a unique tool to target a scalable and measurable audience that is typically ten-fold of the number of participants. These are the friends, fans, and family. Furthermore, this group is of the same relevancy as the participating sailors.

KWINDOO is also available for the followers on the web via our website, with an option to integrate it into other desired web pages of clubs, online magazines, further scaling the audience.

Using KWINDOO services races now become fun to watch, provide for excitement, real-time information, and involvement via the online media.


The scale of the audience depends on several factors; types and classes of boats and especially that of the size of the crew in a given boat. By experience one racer has 4-6 followers, giving a potential of 20-30 returning and regular viewers for an average boat with five being the team on board.

Summary of Kwindoo's facts and figures on the audience, 2016

The number of page clicks is 3.5 times, and return is 2.5 times. A race with ten participating boats is followed by 200 viewers with 1800-2000 clicks. Time spent on the site is 6-8 minutes.

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