KWINDOO Tracking app shutting down on Android devices when running in the background

While in most cases KIWINDOO works smooth, there are a few instances when involvement is needed to get your route tracked.
This may occur with some versions of Android devices running on the latest Android software with the new extended power management features.

A few users noted that while KWINDOO works normally for a certain time but if they leave the device on its own for a longer period of about 45-60 minutes (which is the normal use) they will have to start the tracking app again, as the system puts KWINDOO Tracking app to sleep without any notification about this happening.

The occurrence of this issue seems to be related to the power management features of your Android operating system and is widely recognized now with all sorts of sports tracking apps out there, not only KWINDOO.

The first step in troubleshooting such GPS issues is making sure that you are using the latest version of the KWINDOO application.

Please also note that other applications such as Google Play services and in a few cases Google Maps may need to be updated to the latest release for the optimal user experience.

Make sure that among the power management features of your Android device all power saving options are completely switched off.
After doing so, you may be required to restart your device.

If the problem persist you may need to use another smartphone from a crew member to complete your tracking in the regatta.

If this happens please download the KWINDOO Tracking APP to the newly taken device and use the original credentials to log into KWINDOO and continue tracking with pressing the start tracking button.

(please always keep in mind that when you think of KWINDOO it is like an email address:
you can check your emails from any device, even in an internet coffee or on a friend's laptop computer
but you have to log into your own account:
this works exactly the same with KWINDOO, so always use your chosen email and your password to log in.)